Providence Computers now stocking Skylake/DDR4 platforms

Come see us today and get your Intel Core i5 and Core i7 Skylake processors, motherboards and DDR4 memory.

Providence Computers is stocking the following items

ASUS B150M-C/CSM Micro ATX Motherboard – $119.95
ASUS SABERTOOTH Z170 ATX Motherboard – $229.95
Intel Core i5-6600 – $249.95
Intel Core i7-6700 – $349.95
Kingston DDR4 8GB 2133MHz – $39.95
Kingston DDR4 16GB 2133MHz – $69.95

We also carry everything you need for a full system build including Cases, Power Supplies, SSDs and HDDs, Video Cards, DVD-RW’s, and many other items.