Sell Your Items

Sell your old computers and parts.

Items we are interested in purchasing:

Please note that Providence Computers does not guarantee that we will purchase your item(s), or that we will purchase the item(s) for the price listed below. All descriptions and prices listed below are general guidelines. Items must be brought into the store for an official offer.


(See below for tips on getting the most money for your laptop)

Windows XP Laptops $0
Windows Vista Laptops $0
Windows 7 Laptops (Must have legible Windows product key)
(Working or not)
Windows 8 and 10 Laptops (Working or not) $10-$200
Apple Laptops (Must be capable of running macOS Sierra. Generally 2010 or later. See here for more information.) (Working or not) $50 and up


(See below for tips on getting the most money for your desktop)

Windows 7 Desktops (Must have legible Windows product key.)
(Working or not)
Windows 8 and 10 Desktops (Working or not) $10-$150
Windows XP and Vista We do not purchase Windows XP or Windows Vista desktops. $0.00
No OS/No product key. In some cases we may purchase high end desktops without a product key. Must be brought in for appraisal. Prices vary.


Windows Server 2012
or later pedestal.
Prices vary.
Windows Server 2012
or later rackmount
(must include rails) Prices vary.


Memory: Desktop: DDR2-2GB, DDR3/DDR4-4GB, Laptop: DDR2-2GB, DDR3-4GB, DDR4-8GB $5 and up.
Hard Drives: 1TB or larger. $10 and up.
Solid State Drives: 120/128GB or larger. $20 and up.
Processors: Quad core or better. $15 and up.
Video Cards: PCI-e 16X: Must require discrete power, 3GB RAM $25 and up.
Video Cards: PCI-e 1X: All $10 and up
Power supplies: Major brand. 500 Watt and up. Must have 8 Pin Motherboard Aux $10 and up.
Cases: Gaming cases only. Good condition, must include original panels, mounting hardware, etc. $10 and up.
Motherboards: Sockets AM3(+), AM4, 1155, 1150, 1366, 2011, 1151.
(Must have I/O Shield)
$10 and up
Optical Drives: Blue Ray Only (Internal)$5 and up.
LCD/LED monitors: 19” and larger. Must include AC adapter if needed. $10 and up.

All computers and peripherals (with the exception of CRT monitors and tube televisions) may be brought in for free recycling, regardless of their inclusion on the above list. Providence Computers provides free data destruction as part of the recycling process.

To get the most money for your item, please take note of the following:

Please wipe down the computer and remove all stickers.
If possible please have the laptop charged so that we are able to see if the battery is working.
If the computer is in working order and has a password, please bring the password so functionality can be verified.