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Recycle your old computers, laptops, parts, and other electronics at Providence Computers. Providence Computers will responsibly recycle your old technology free of charge, no matter what brand or condition or where the item was purchased. Hard drives are wiped or destroyed to make sure your data doesn't end up in the hands of cyber criminals.

Free Recycling provided for:

Desktop Computers Laptops All-In-Ones Tablets
Smart Phones Cameras Cordless Phones Projectors
eReaders Processors Flash Drives External Hard Drives
Gaming Consoles GPS Hard Drives Video Cards
iPods/MP3 Players Mice and Keyboards Flat Screen Monitors Flat Screen TVs
Routers Memory/RAM Scanners Servers
VCRs DVD/BlueRay/CD Players Cable Boxes UPS/Battery Backup
Speakers Streaming Devices RAM/Memory Motherboards
Power Supplies Sound/LAN/Wifi Cards Camcorders Cables/Adapters

Items Not Accepted:

CRT/Tube TVs Monitors Desktop InkJet/Laser Printers Free Standing Printers/Copiers Kitchen Appliances

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any charge to recycle my old electronics at Providence Computers?

No, there is no charge to recycle your old electronics at Providence Computers.

What will happen to my items if I recycle them at Providence Computers

Depending on the age and condition of your items they may be 1) Refurbished for resale 2) Used for parts 3) Donated to schools,churchs, or other non profits or 4) Disassembled and the raw materials recycled.

Is there a limit on how many items I can recycle at Providence Computers?

No, while there is no limit on how many items you can recycle at Providence Computers, we do request that you call ahead for large loads to make sure we have space for the incoming items and personnel to help you unload.

Where at the store do I drop off my recycling?

For small numbers of items, simply bring them into the building to the front counter and tell the customer service person that the items are to be recycled. For larger loads, call ahead, or coming into the building and speak to the customer service person and someone will meet you behind the building with a cart to bring in your items.

Do you provide donation receipts for tax purposes?

No, since we are not a non-profit organization, we are not able to provide tax receipts.

What will happen to the data that is still on my computer or other device?

Providence Computers will wipe your hard drive using industry standard tools, or if it cannot be wiped, will be drilled out with a drill press.

Do you offer recycling pickups?

Yes, if you have a larger number of recyclable items we may be able to pickup the items at no charge. Please call 1 (757) 382-7768 to see if your items are eligible for free pickup and to schedule an appointment. Please have specific information about your items available before calling (Number and type of desktop/laptop/screen etc.)

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